Ag = Silver

AGW = Actual Gold Weight (the weight of only the gold in the coin’s alloy).

Al = Aluminum

Alloy = A metal (base/parent metal) combined with other chemical elements, which may include another metal (alloying agents) resulting in superior properties such as: strength, hardness, durability, ductility, tensile strength & toughness. Copper, for example, is added to most Gold & some Silver (in varying percentages) to increase the base metal's strength.

ASW = Actual Silver Weight (the weight of only the silver in the coin’s alloy).

Au = Gold

Bi-Met. = Bi-Metallic. A coin which contains an inner and outer ring, each of different alloys (& color).

Brass = Copper(65-90%)/Zinc Alloy

Bronze = Copper(78-90%)/Tin Alloy

Clr = Colorized Coin.

Cu = Copper

Cu/Ni “Cupronickel” = Copper(~75%)/Nickel Alloy

ECU = European Currency Unit (began in 1979 & was replaced by the Euro [ € ] in 1999)

Exonumia = the study or collection of coin-like objects such as token coins and medals.

F# - Funk: Die Mutmunzen Der Deutschen Stadte, Germeinden, Kreise, Landen, Etc.

g = gram

k = kilo, thousand. e.g. 1.5k = 1,500

KM# = Krause and Mishler: Standard Catalog of World Coins

m = million. e.g. 4m = 4,000,000

Ni = Nickel

Nickel "Silver" / Cu/Ni/Zn = Copper/Nickel/Zinc Alloy [No Silver]

Nordic "Gold" = Copper(~89%)/Aluminum/Tin/Zinc Alloy [No Gold]

Numismatics = Technically the study or collection of currency including coins, tokens, paper money and related objects. Generally, the study or collection of coins.

oz. = Troy Ounce (0.0311034768 kg or 31.1034768 g or 480 grains). There are 12 troy ounces in 1 troy pound (although troy pounds are no longer commonly-used).

Pd = Palladium

Pr = Proof. Coins minted with specially-prepared & polished blanks with mirror-like surfaces and no marks.

Pt = Platinum

Sn = Tin

Sterling Silver = Silver(~92.5%)/Copper Alloy

Sq = Square, as opposed to the usual Round coin shape.

Ti = Titanium

Tombac (Tombak) Cu/Zn = Copper(80-95%)/Zinc(5-20%) alloy. Similar to brass.

Unc = Uncirculated. Coins showing no signs of circulation wear, but may have occasional "bag marks" & other minor blemishes resulting from Mint processing and shipping.

X# = Cuhaj and Michael: Unusual World Coins (Fantasy Issues Medals Tokens etc.)

Y# = Yeoman: Catalog of Modern World Coins

Zn = Zinc

7s = Seven-sided, as opposed to the usual Round coin shape.

9s = Nine-sided, as opposed to the usual Round coin shape.